Hello all, and welcome back! Today’s topic is analytics, and I hope you learn something new. Have you ever wanted to check to see if your website or any other’s website statistics? There are several solutions to this answer, and all of them are focused on trying to help you or their company grow. Along with this comes keyword analytics as well, where all statistics from years come up when you research a specific keyword!

The main free analytic service that most people use is Google Analytics. Once you sign in or make an account for free, it allows you to keep track of any webpage you want. In detail, you can check to see how many people from what countries visited the website. This feature can help immensely from just the information you take in. For example, if a large amount of people (a spike) visit during some sort of event, you can see when people visit the webpage during the day so that next time, you can do something similar before the best time of day that you noticed before.

To get down to the specifics of analytics, you can even check to see what people search the most and what’s trending at each time of the day! Rather than Google Analytics showing you website statistics, you can show keyword statistics based on a word or short phrase using Ad Sense. It’s quite similar to Google Ads where you would sign up for a free account and quickly search up any keywords for however many times you may need. There have been multiple occasions where I have used Google Analytics, as well as Ad Sense, to make sure research is correct so that I can post a topic during the right time.

Have you guys ever used analytics to figure out a marketing plan? What was your purpose in searching? Were you researching someone else or were you figuring out your own progress and trying to make your page become more known? Does it bother you that I’m trying to figure you guys out? Hehe… See you next time, guys and gals!


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