Online marketing includes having a web presence, whether it be social media, banner advertisements on webpages, or a homepage for the company/individual. Having one of these is important for having a web presence, but having a good web presence is more than that.

  • Social media – having a good web presence on social media means that, not only does the company/individual run the page, but they are frequently posting. Popular social media accounts/pages get a lot of attention whenever they become interactive with the community. The community refers to the followers that talk to them, potential consumers, or the physical community that the company advertises to.
  • Online advertisements – this subject is a little different on how to have a good web presence with only online advertising. The best way to describe this is give you an example: AdSense’s banner ads or YouTube’s video ads. You may see these ads all of the time, but you might ignore them. The best way to have web presence with online advertising would be, whenever your entertaining/catchy ad is clicked, the consumer or viewer have easy access to a page that gives them brief information about the company/product and entice them to do business with you. This is a combo-wombo whenever paired with social media since Facebook does advertising to local or national communities.
  • Website – whether for personal advertising or for a company, a website gives the consumers and viewers a place to go to specifically look at your products/services. Websites are amazing at giving information to people, but that’s if you have your website known and popular. To create a popular website, it needs to look clean, easy to navigate, have an interactive side, and have meta tags that correspond to popular topics talked about on the site. Many companies have E-commerce on their personalized site as well, which makes it easy for people who don’t want to travel to the store get your product or order it ahead of time.

Now that these have somewhat briefly been described for you, there are some other things you should know if you don’t know already. If your site becomes popular, it becomes easier to advertise since you also have word-of-mouth going. Great looking blogs and websites also get featured on other websites; just another form of advertisement, but it will be considered earned media. The following are general ways to gain web presence:

  • Blogs
  • Get to know your target audience – talk to them
  • Get to know your community – talk to them; survey if necessary
  • Banner advertisements that appear on other websites
    • AdSense,
  • Video advertisements on YouTube
  • Facebook’s new function to hire people (if hiring)

So who all is trying to increase their web presence? Let me know by commenting or contacting me!


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