Hello people! My name is Robert (excluding last name on purpose) and I’m currently in college! If you haven’t guessed it from the past sentence, I am minoring in Marketing while majoring in Web and Interactive Media. Currently, I am in my final semester, numero ocho; I am aiming for my bachelor’s degree in BIM and will be graduating in the Spring. Other courses I have currently include Organizational Communication, Device Development, and my Senior Capstone for Web and Multimedia.

About me: I love learning new things about web design and development, I’m 21 years old, love to hike, love my new drone that has a 4k video camera attached, love skiing, love the occasional Florida atmosphere, and like to be with friends. Home cooked meals are the best even though I eat at college a lot. Grilled cheese is my favorite sandwich too!

Enough about college; I am on WordPress because I am hungry for information, even though I have learned a great vast variety of marketing information in the past few years! My blog will mainly be about a variety of topics discussed in a few of my marketing courses from college. Every now and then I will take the technological stand-point when talking because that’s one subject that motivates me, meaning that I will talk about the technological advantages/disadvantages sometimes in particular.

Whenever I post, it will usually be in the afternoon because that is when I have the time, but when I respond to something, it may be at any time since I may be at lunch and looking at my phone or laptop. One way or another, interaction is important whether it be from consumers or companies.

If you have any comments or questions about marketing, maybe web development, or something, reply to a post and I’ll get back to you soon! Doing this helps me understand the topic better as well as getting to know the people reading this. You can even comment on here and tell me a bit about yourself; information is key.

There’s a few people in my class that I wish to promote as well!…

There’s more, but I don’t have the URL for them as of now. But for now, view their pages and give them some love and attention. They will be posting somewhat similar topics, but different viewpoints and way of talking about it. Have a great day, everybody!

-Robert the Marketer


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