Top Five

Hello once again ladies and gents, and welcome to my blog! Today, I’d like you, the audience, to ask questions or even start a topic for conversation! To be more specific, it’s going to be about the top 5 phrases or expressions about marketing you like or think are extraordinary, unique, or interesting. 
Some people know these phrases off the top of their head. For the people that don’t know five phrases or expressions from the marketing world, I’d like for you guys to list the top five about ANY subject you excel in, such as movies, games, or maybe even memes (please nothing innappropriate). 
As for me, I’ll list some top fives for marketing and a few other subjects to start this off. 


  1. DISCOUNT! (Lowered price off of a product due to advertising or too much stock)
  2. BOGO! (Buy one product and get the same or similar product for free)
  3. FREE! (Free products to sample or try out)
  4. “Challenge Everything” – EA
  5. The Four P’s (Product, Place, Price, Promotion)


  1. “We are the knights who say NI!!” – Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  2. “Do it!” – Emperor from Star Wars
  3. “You can’t win, Darth. Strike me down, and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” – Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars
  4. “‘Tis but a flesh wound.” – Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  5. “It’s a trap!” – General Ackbar from Star Wars

I’ve read a good amount of articles about marketing and a good amount of movies. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at movies, but I’ve enjoyed the movies I have seen. Give me some slack when I say that because I don’t watch too many movies regularly; probably about 7 or 8 newer movies per year. 

Talking more about my marketing top 5, who doesn’t love free stuff? It doesn’t cost money, it’s great advertisement, and good for their PR. All marketing events ranging from discounts to charity makes each purchase more enjoyable, but if you feel differently comment your opinion!

Of course, I’ll comment back and try to get a conversation going or something! It’s a great chance to learn about the audience in general AND see what works or not!


Analytics & Keywords

Hello all, and welcome back! Today’s topic is analytics, and I hope you learn something new. Have you ever wanted to check to see if your website or any other’s website statistics? There are several solutions to this answer, and all of them are focused on trying to help you or their company grow. Along with this comes keyword analytics as well, where all statistics from years come up when you research a specific keyword!

The main free analytic service that most people use is Google Analytics. Once you sign in or make an account for free, it allows you to keep track of any webpage you want. In detail, you can check to see how many people from what countries visited the website. This feature can help immensely from just the information you take in. For example, if a large amount of people (a spike) visit during some sort of event, you can see when people visit the webpage during the day so that next time, you can do something similar before the best time of day that you noticed before.

To get down to the specifics of analytics, you can even check to see what people search the most and what’s trending at each time of the day! Rather than Google Analytics showing you website statistics, you can show keyword statistics based on a word or short phrase using Ad Sense. It’s quite similar to Google Ads where you would sign up for a free account and quickly search up any keywords for however many times you may need. There have been multiple occasions where I have used Google Analytics, as well as Ad Sense, to make sure research is correct so that I can post a topic during the right time.

Have you guys ever used analytics to figure out a marketing plan? What was your purpose in searching? Were you researching someone else or were you figuring out your own progress and trying to make your page become more known? Does it bother you that I’m trying to figure you guys out? Hehe… See you next time, guys and gals!

Web Presence & You

Online marketing includes having a web presence, whether it be social media, banner advertisements on webpages, or a homepage for the company/individual. Having one of these is important for having a web presence, but having a good web presence is more than that.

  • Social media – having a good web presence on social media means that, not only does the company/individual run the page, but they are frequently posting. Popular social media accounts/pages get a lot of attention whenever they become interactive with the community. The community refers to the followers that talk to them, potential consumers, or the physical community that the company advertises to.
  • Online advertisements – this subject is a little different on how to have a good web presence with only online advertising. The best way to describe this is give you an example: AdSense’s banner ads or YouTube’s video ads. You may see these ads all of the time, but you might ignore them. The best way to have web presence with online advertising would be, whenever your entertaining/catchy ad is clicked, the consumer or viewer have easy access to a page that gives them brief information about the company/product and entice them to do business with you. This is a combo-wombo whenever paired with social media since Facebook does advertising to local or national communities.
  • Website – whether for personal advertising or for a company, a website gives the consumers and viewers a place to go to specifically look at your products/services. Websites are amazing at giving information to people, but that’s if you have your website known and popular. To create a popular website, it needs to look clean, easy to navigate, have an interactive side, and have meta tags that correspond to popular topics talked about on the site. Many companies have E-commerce on their personalized site as well, which makes it easy for people who don’t want to travel to the store get your product or order it ahead of time.

Now that these have somewhat briefly been described for you, there are some other things you should know if you don’t know already. If your site becomes popular, it becomes easier to advertise since you also have word-of-mouth going. Great looking blogs and websites also get featured on other websites; just another form of advertisement, but it will be considered earned media. The following are general ways to gain web presence:

  • Blogs
  • Get to know your target audience – talk to them
  • Get to know your community – talk to them; survey if necessary
  • Banner advertisements that appear on other websites
    • AdSense,
  • Video advertisements on YouTube
  • Facebook’s new function to hire people (if hiring)

So who all is trying to increase their web presence? Let me know by commenting or contacting me!

Feedback || Post #2

Feedback is defined as a system of loops that connect communication and action. Indiciuals provide messages to others, who then respond to those messages in some way… It seeks to find new avenues of growth and development.

– Eric Eisenberg, H. Goodall Jr, Angela Trethewey (Organizational Communication)

There’s two main types of feedback: positive and negative feedback. Positive feedback is used as a backbone for the most part. Why is it the backbone? Because it’s easy to build around what is already a strong point, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to improve. Negative feedback from people or other marketplaces benefit any company as long as they take the feedback as a sign to improve on that subject. Negative feedback can bring a small company up to a popular/trending company if they fix the problems people talked about in the negative feedback. If there is no feedback at all, that makes the situation worse since the company or group of people don’t know what’s wrong with what they’re doing.

However the company or group of people respond depends on how they take it… deviation-counteracting (negative) feedback or deviation-amplifying (positive) feedback. Learning how to learn, “double-loop learning,” uses feedback to reexamine established assumptions and decision premises equates to a summary of the above paragraph. As long as the group or company receive feedback, they can progress.

Although feedback is highly important, it has its consequences. One consequence that comes to mind is if the feedback is false information; you never know if you can fully trust the feedback given to you from random people that could be lying about whether or not they actually bought or used your product/service. There’s always a possibility of never receiving feedback as well. Another consequence is if the feedback you receive overwhelms the company by recommending a solution that the company cannot afford money-wise and risk-wise. One last consequence I can think of is if people give so much feedback, the company can’t sift through the information efficiently and overwhelms the process of trying to progress their service/product.

Marketing Post #1

Hello people! My name is Robert (excluding last name on purpose) and I’m currently in college! If you haven’t guessed it from the past sentence, I am minoring in Marketing while majoring in Web and Interactive Media. Currently, I am in my final semester, numero ocho; I am aiming for my bachelor’s degree in BIM and will be graduating in the Spring. Other courses I have currently include Organizational Communication, Device Development, and my Senior Capstone for Web and Multimedia.

About me: I love learning new things about web design and development, I’m 21 years old, love to hike, love my new drone that has a 4k video camera attached, love skiing, love the occasional Florida atmosphere, and like to be with friends. Home cooked meals are the best even though I eat at college a lot. Grilled cheese is my favorite sandwich too!

Enough about college; I am on WordPress because I am hungry for information, even though I have learned a great vast variety of marketing information in the past few years! My blog will mainly be about a variety of topics discussed in a few of my marketing courses from college. Every now and then I will take the technological stand-point when talking because that’s one subject that motivates me, meaning that I will talk about the technological advantages/disadvantages sometimes in particular.

Whenever I post, it will usually be in the afternoon because that is when I have the time, but when I respond to something, it may be at any time since I may be at lunch and looking at my phone or laptop. One way or another, interaction is important whether it be from consumers or companies.

If you have any comments or questions about marketing, maybe web development, or something, reply to a post and I’ll get back to you soon! Doing this helps me understand the topic better as well as getting to know the people reading this. You can even comment on here and tell me a bit about yourself; information is key.

There’s a few people in my class that I wish to promote as well!…

There’s more, but I don’t have the URL for them as of now. But for now, view their pages and give them some love and attention. They will be posting somewhat similar topics, but different viewpoints and way of talking about it. Have a great day, everybody!

-Robert the Marketer